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Improve in every area of your life, with courses on goal setting, creativity, self-confidence, financial freedom and more!


With every course you get a bundle of exciting and fun bonus downloads to help you go deeper into your learning journey.

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Each course gives you access to our brand-new online community. Meet goal buddies, ask questions, share successes, and inspire each other on your personal development journey!

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  • Rediscover joy?
  • Stop procrastinating?
  • Develop Willpower?
  • Become financially free?
  • Become self-confident?
  • Achieve your goals?

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Hi! I’m A.K. Spencer, CEO of Ganesha Media and founder of I used to be very, very, very stuck in life. I won’t bore you with the sob story, because the important part is that I eventually got unstuck. And I’ve made it my mission to help others get unstuck, too.

And more, I want to help others–I want to help you–live a truly breakthrough life. A life characterized by fantastic success (however you may define that term), and abundant joy. Every, single, day. It can happen. You just need the desire, a bit of gumption, and the right tools.

I created to fan the flames of that desire, help cultivate that gumption, and give you those tools.

I’m excited for you and the journey of personal development you’re undertaking! And I welcome you to

Now, let’s achieve some goals, shall we?

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